Feel creative, accomplished and live your dream life, surrounded by flowers! Perfect for total beginners,  if you are interested in expanding your horizons in floristry, diy brides, or lovers of nature.

All materials are provided, including all lux botanical materials, tools & sundries required. You get to take home your completed designs to enjoy, impress your friends with, & use to create a stunning visual portfolio.

The designs are current, covering practical skills & relevant, use-able techniques. I share all my flower knowledge with students; from the best wholesalers to unique styling ideas.

You will have the option to contact me for honest advice with any floristry industry related questions in the following 6 months also (this is exclusively offered to those participating in the Winter Flower School). This includes real information for start-up florists also; from flower math, to how to find your ideal clients, right thru to flawless planning & execution of your floral designs. 

You will receive step-by-step, printed guides each class, for future reference, as well as a signed Certificate of Completion.

Wk 1: Unstructured bouquet

           – garden bridal style, trailing foliage

Wk 2: Flower crown & boutonnière

           – wiring techniques, wearable designs

Wk 3: Table compote arrangement

           – wild, free-spirited florals in goblet

Wk 4: Creative table-scape

           – garlanding, candles & flower jars

Wk 5: Suspended floral feature

            – communal design, celebration


$1,269pp,  all inclusive (or 5 payments of $253.8)

Book in with a friend at the same time, & both receive a 10% discount.

The Flower School is exclusively limited to 6 participants per year

Classes run evenings 2-3 hrs ea

Held at our centrally located studio

“Amazing! Thank you for being an amazing patient teacher. It was a wonderful way to discover the world of floristry, unleash my creativity, and learn from Stacey, who was informative & helpful, while allowing us to explore our creative side.” – Christina, Flower School 2018
“Loved attending the flower course, thank you! I have been wanting to do it for a long time. Many thanks for the past 5 weeks!” – Marina, Flower School 2018
“Stacey is super helpful and generous with tips. Lovely and very knowledgeable instructor. The best thing about this course is the good pace, and good quality flowers. Would definitely recommend to others, if you are interested to kick start your career in floristry/ events.” – Cindy, Flower School 2018
“LOVED IT. Can it go for longer than 5 wks? Can I come back? :)” – Helena, Flower School 2018
“This was extremely easy to give great feedback on. So much fun and such a fantastic variety of things to try. Stacey, your patience is just endless and you have such a sweet nature and teaching style, it was an absolute please to be a part of your class. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Very appreciated xx” – Kirsty, Flower School 2018

“Thank You for being very patient with teaching, questions and everything we have. I absolutely enjoyed every single class. It was very helpful to get out all tips and information, within the field. Would love to attend any upcoming events you’ve got in the near future.” – Selina, Flower School 2018

“I loved that materials were provided, & that we got to take leftovers home. Trends taught were latest & up-to-date. Stacey was a great teacher. Knowledgeable & easy-going. I loved coming here weekly and although expensive initially – great value for money!!! I have gained a lot of knowledge & skills that may help me in future. I would really recommend this workshop/ school & would love to do some more in the future. Thank you!!” – Niki, Flower School 2017

“Stacey, I just loved every week. I came away feeling so creative & accomplished & it was the perfect relief from a stressful week. I loved the week by week nature. It became something I looked forward to, and just delightful to spend a couple of weeks with a new bunch of really intelligent, kind and flower loving women. Couldn’t recommend it more!!” – Bree, Flower School 2017

“Thank you very much Stacey! I really enjoyed these classes. For a group session, I always felt included and each class I attended was really fun” – Jessie, Flower School 2017 

“Absolutely loved being involved in your class, Stacey. The materials, quality of flowers & diversity of lessons made for a quality workshop – I have learnt so much! You are super approachable, very knowledgeable and a delight to be around. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing all industry knowledge, from suppliers, to pricing, to clients etc. It’s been a pleasure – I’m inspired & will recommend to all!” – Hayley, Flower School 2017

“Loved every class, was so much fun to come to every Wed night, I’m going to miss it!! Amazing value for money… Stacey you are a wonderful teacher, can’t wait for Christmas wreath workshop.” – Steph, Flower School 2017