• Keep them well watered every day (up to the brim of the pot or floral foam) and in a cool and shady spot inside (roses in heat will burn in 1/2 hr)
  • Roses are a short-lived transient beauty; best in water on ice for a week, lilies and orchids will last longer – remember to staminate your lilies to keep them clean, and mist your orchids – they drink from the petals too 😉
  • should the rose heads wilt before the blooms open (this sometimes happens with the South African import roses due to shipping time), pop them in a full bucket  or sink of icy water up to their heads, to soak for 1/2 hr min., and re-cut stems
  • re-cut stems cleanly with sharp scissors on a regular basis (ie. 2 + times/ wk), at a 45 deg. angle to give the stem a maximum drinking surface
  • tulips will grow towards the light; cut the stems regularly and twist the vase. Imported blooms open quickly and have a shorter life.
  • change the water in your vase regularly, and add one drop of bleach to keep the water clean and some ice to cool them down.
  • ENJOY! 🙂



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