Hello, my name is Stacey! I am obsessed with flowers; nature at it’s most beautiful.
It was back in 2004, when I first started my journey with flowers. I worked for florists about Perth, whilst studying floristry. Then, on March 2011, after 7 years designing with flowers, I opened my own florist shop in Northbridge – Beans & Bunches.

Over the years, Beans & Bunches has grown to offer flowers & styling for corporate events, as well as focusing on weddings. Also, I run florist workshops & a Flower School. As well as – of course – creating flower arrangements, for daily gift deliveries. 

Beans & Bunches is all about arranging beautiful flowers, in a way that truly reflects their natural forms. An organic aesthetic inspires me – which leads to more natural looking, environmentally friendly designs. 

Only with years of extensive experience, comes a deep knowledge of the seasons & growing patterns of blooms. I personally handpick & forage the freshest, most beautiful botanical materials available, for my clients. When designing, of course, I also draw on my lifetime of hands-on floral experience. 

Beans & Bunches’ studio is filled with beautiful flowers, as well as incredible music – I share the space with Safari’s Record Shack. As I live & breathe the beauty of flowers, so my partner John Safari is with music. 

Visit us at Arcade 189 William St, Northbridge, in the heart of the city.